4 thoughts on “Advanced Rock Polishing – Tumbling Slabs”

  1. For tumbling slabs I recommend using a quantity of very small pieces of similar material – agate,jasper,wood -pea size and smaller. If you crush your own material, put in all the very fine bits and pieces – the floor sweepings. These smaller pieces of rock keep the slabs separated and also help carry the grit as well as the polish to all the flat sides of each slab. Most people won’t wait for the rocks to polish but I use two weeks for rough grind, two weeks for 220 grit, two weeks for pre-polish and then finish with two weeks of polish with about two hours of a soap burnishing or clean-out wash.

    Fill the tumbler as usual but then add all the very small rocks as they just settle in between the rest of the rocks.

    The very small rocks can be reused or when they are polished they can be set aside and put into small glass jars and used for sales, for gifts or display pieces.

  2. I understand the layering, but how full of layers should the tumbling barrel be to prevent the slabs from turning? Thanks!

  3. Would a rotary, or vibration tumbler work best for slabs? We used a rotary and stood up with lots of media and worked well. Looking for other suggestions. Thanks


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