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Why This Site Is Important If You Are Looking For Information On Rock Tumblers

When I first started using the Internet, over 18 years ago at the time of this writing, I wasn’t able to find much information on Rock Tumblers and Rock Polishing. Sure there were some niche boards here and there and I could find people on random chatrooms in the corners of the web to talk shop with, but there were no major sites for our hobby. Now, 18 years later, there are a few decent sites out there and places like Youtube that will give the beginner a good bit of information. However, it is still not what I expected. Some of the information is outdated and just plain wrong. I figure I should stop whining about it and do something to fix it instead. That is why you’ll only find the best information about this rewarding hobby here on Rockpow. Everything from in depth reviews, to hands on experience hardened guides to everything you ever wanted to know about rock tumblers, rock polishing and gemstones.

How I Got Started Polishing Rocks

Many many moons ago, my uncle took me and my cousin out to look for arrowheads in a local creek bed. I was just a little kid and I thought the idea was crazy. After all, we played cowboys and indians in the backyard, but it never crossed my little mind that there were actually real live cowboys and indians riding the open plains around our house way back when.

So when we actually found some arrowheads and flint, I was amazed! The arrowheads quickly replaced my novelty shark tooth as my new favorite possession. After that one day, I begged my uncle to take us out again and again. I couldn’t get enough and this fueled my rock hounding experience. Soon we found all kinds of gemstones and my uncle had another trick up his sleeve to amaze us kids. He showed us an old rotary rock tumbler and revealed the world of polishing rocks to us. The patience required to get the rocks polished turned me off at first. I mean, any normal kid, even one that didn’t have the instant gratification of mobile video games, was turned off by anything that took more than a few moments.

But, I was an imaginative young guy and when that first stone came out of the final polishing phase, I was floored. How in the heck did that old rough agate we found polish up into this shiny thing??? I was hooked. Over the years I have developed my skills and passed them on to future generations just like my uncle did for me. That is my goal for this site, to somehow reach a newbie (young or old) and give them the gift of a new hobby that will fuel their passion for years to come.

What To Check Out First On Rockpow

Be sure to check out the Guide – The Best Rock Tumbler For The Money where I go over several rock tumblers of various levels to help you find the best one for your needs. Also, Our articles might have what you are looking for is you have any specific questions about rock polishing or the methods used to get rocks to shine brighter than ever before.

Have a look around and be sure to drop us a comment or a message if you have any questions. I love to hear from the readers of the site! You can do so at the contact us page here