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  1. Hi Ronnie,
    We have been tumbling stones. We completely wash stones and tumbler after each session of tumbling. On the last (4) polishing tumble. The stones all come out dull. But when you rub them for 15 sec. On a cloth they will shine up. We experimented with ways to shine them up, but still no shine. This has happened over and over again on this stage of polishing. Do we need to leave them in longer then a week? Would like to achieve that wet look. We even did a ivory soap tumble and still no shine. What are we doing wrong?
    We need help.

    • Great question. It sounds like you’ve already done some good work to try and find the problem. The fact that you can rub them on cloth and get a shine sounds to me kike it’s not an issue with the type of rough stone you are using. I would have suggested doing a burnishing step like you did with the Ivory soap, but you did that with no luck. So I would suggest you try and adjust your burnishing step to shorter or longer and see how that helps. One other issue might be the water you are using. If you are getting other stones to polish up nicely then the water should be ok, but if all your rough won’t take a good polish then you might try using distilled water instead of your municipal water. Some city water is a little too “hard” to get a good polish on the stones. Distilled water is pretty cheap by the gallon at your local store. I’d give that a shot too. Good luck!


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