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how t opolish rocks part 2 - rough grind

How To Polish Rocks Part 2 – The Rough Grind

The How To Polish Rocks Series This is Part 2 In Our 5 Part “How To Polish Rocks Series Of Instructionals. Be Sure To Check Out – How To Polish Rocks In A Rock Tumbler Part 1 – Do This First How To Polish Rocks In A Rock Tumbler Part 2 – The Rough GrindHow […]

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rotary tumbler

The Rotary Tumbler – Everything You Ever Wanted To Know

​Why A Rotary Tumbler?Polished rocks are some of the most attractive things that catch your eye in jewelry and hobby stores. The idea that a rough hunk of rock can be made into a smooth polished gemstone over the course of time using only powdered grit is fascinating to most. Looking at the polished stones, […]

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